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blueflow Ltd

Fraser Noble Building

Aberdeen, AB24 3UE

office +(44) 1224-272801


blueflow specialises in the analysis of data, and develops tools that automates the analysis of almost any data type.  If you have a data analysis problem, if you spend alot of your time analysing data or undertaking repetitive data analysis tasks, then our services are for you.

We focus on delivering products that speed up analysis, do not require specialist training, and that give exceptional value.

We offer a consultancy service for problems that require bespoke solutions to be built.  If you are interested in this service, contact us using the contact page or using the details given above.

Our main products are in the following areas:

  • Financial data analysis.  Our technology can undertake the analysis of financial data and automatically determine what instruments should be used in order to (for example) reduce risk exposure or increase profit on particular trades.  This analysis will allow the trader to focus on trading activities and to test their ideas against the market place, resulting in a more profitable business.
  • Social media analysis.  We also have technology that gives contextual analysis of social media data.  This allows insights into conversations to be made which go beyond mere sentiment - which in any case can be wrong, particularly when conversations are in a foreign/technical/slang language.  Our tools can however be used alongside sentiment, by identifying words which signify 'good' sentiment and 'bad' sentiment automatically.
  • Automated data analysis.  Our technologies also allow the analysis of any type of numerical data, and gives a truly automated data mining tool that requires little or no user interaction.  The technology is fully configurable to any domain, with the use of plug-and-play style toolboxes, that can be added or removed by the user at the beginning of the analysis.
  • Data art.  We have also developed a technology that allows the conversion of analysis into a picture that represent the underlying results of the analysis.  For example, analysis of corporate data on equipment repairs could be reported as a shootout between cowboys with each repair team being represented by a different cowboy.  This is just an example, the pictures can literally be anything, from groups of fruit, to healthy tree, to something more relevant to your particular business.